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4 09 2011

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More NHL Playoff referee madness (Preds VS Canucks)

4 05 2011

by James Mirtle Globe Sports
This was the sequence in overtime of last night’s game, where a non-call on a hit from behind on Vancouver Canucks defenceman Kevin Bieksa turned into a questionable hooking call on Nashville Predators captain Shea Weber soon after.

Forty seconds after the penalty, Ryan Kesler tipped in the overtime winner, giving the Canucks a 2-1 series lead.

Nashville fans and players were really upset after the game, with Predators forward David Legwand ripping referee Tim Peel for his call.

“I think it’s a horrible call,” Legwand told Yahoo! Sports, among others. “Obviously they’re going to think it’s a good call, but Kesler’s obviously holding his stick. I don’t know if Timmy Peel had a date or something, but he wanted to get out of here pretty quick, it looked like. It’s a tough way to lose a game.”

He repeated his message more than once, according to the Vancouver Sun.

“That ticky-tack in overtime is kind of tough,” Legwand added. “I don’t know if the ref had to be somewhere tonight. It was a tough call to take; obviously Kesler is holding on to his stick. Webby’s stick shouldn’t be in there in the first place, but Kesler’s holding on his stick and that’s a pretty touchy call for overtime.

“Someone’s got to be held accountable for it. That’s a bad hockey call. In the end, they get the goal and capitalize. Timmy Peel calls that and it’s a bad call. Do something about it. It’s kind of tough to point on one person, but that’s a bad hockey call.”

The officiating has had some low moments in these playoffs so far, with Canucks GM Mike Gillis going after the refs and getting a large, undisclosed fine for his troubles leading up to Game 7 of the first round.

The Buffalo Sabres also weren’t very happy with some of the officiating in their series with the Philadelphia Flyers, including a hit from behind that put Tim Connolly out for the series that resulted in only a minor penalty.

The most players can be fined under the CBA is just $2,500 (U.S.) so you’d expect a whole lot more of this from individuals unless the league goes after the team itself.

Should players be able to call out referees for bad calls? Or is the NHL right to attempt to keep a lid on this?

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50 Anaheim Ducks fans will get free Ref You Suck t-shirts at the game

5 04 2011

Ducks VS Stars officiating nightmare


To pay tribute to what is being called “the worst NHL officiated game all season” Ref You Suck! Will be giving away 50 FREE t-shirts before the Ducks VS Sharks game at the Honda Center on Wednesday, April 7th.

For those of you going to this game, please email refusuck@gmail(dot)com for the secret location. The location will be announced at 5pm on Wednesday. Due to the strange and unusual event that happened last year at the Honda Center, there will be NO PROTEST BEFORE THE GAME. We aren’t trying to get banned again!

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NHL’s director of officiating has reviewed Game 2

4 05 2010


If the Detroit Red Wings complained about the officiating in Sunday’s 4-3 loss to the Sharks, they likely did so through former NHL referee Mick McGeough, who is serving as the series manager.

The NHL has a manager at every playoff game, and he reports to Terry Gregson, the senior vice president and director of officiating for the NHL while also communicating with the on-ice officials and each team’s general manager and coach.

Red Wings players bit their tongues when talking to the media after Sunday’s loss, and Wings coach Mike Babcock said: “I know they’re frustrated, but they’ve got to stay out of the box.”

The Wings were penalized 10 times in the game, including three straight in the third period.

Gregson, through a league spokesman, responded to an interview request from the Free Press today by saying he already had spoken to McGeough about the game.

“Yes, Mick and I have talked and reviewed the game,” Gregson said through a spokesman.

Gregson said that the series manager “speaks directly with the officials after the game and then reviews it the next day as well. He makes himself available to the team for discussion.”

Gregson appeared on a radio show with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman last week and tackled the topic of whether referees are instructed to call games differently in the playoffs versus the regular season.

“Personally, there is nothing ever said or written to say, ‘Gentlemen, back off,'” Gregson said last week. “The message from me to them is, ‘Gentlemen, stay the course.’ It’s important that we maintain the integrity, because the game is everything, so keep calling the penalties and keep being courageous.”

The Wings were the the second-least penalized team in the NHL during the regular season, averaging 8.8 penalty minutes a game. They’re averaging 13.9 per game in the playoffs and have 36 penalty minutes in the two losses to the Sharks.

REF YOU SUCK anti-referee rally Oct 30th

28 10 2009

Anti-Ref Rally – Ref Bash 2009 – Referee Protest!

Happening: Oct. 30 6pm before the Ducks/Canucks game
Where: Honda Center – Anaheim, CA
Why: Because the refs suck!

OK, want to be part of something huge AND get a free shirt out of it? Listen up- First 20 people to respond and confirm their name/number will get a brand new Ref You Suck t-shirt.

The plan-
We are going to protest the NHL referees on Friday, Oct. 30th at 6pm in front of the Honda Center right before the game against the Canucks. We will be recording it and it will be going up on You Tube. This will only take 30 minutes of your time and then (if you have tickets) we will go to the game!

We will be on the sidewalk, carrying picket signs in front of thousands entering the Honda Center. Make your own signs, or we will have some available, too. This will be talked about for a long time! We’ll even get the crowd chanting Ref You Suck!

I have talked to so many pissed off Ducks fans about Mondays game. This is the only thing I could come up with to fight back. A press release will be sent out to local media. There is a ton of negative press against refs and umps right now.

This will be a blast. Only respond if you are serious about participating! To my knowledge, this has never been attempted!!!
Here is what you have to do:

1. Send your name/phone number to
2. You must show up to the meeting location near Honda Center to get your shirt.
3. We will walk in a line holding our signs to the traffic light in front of the arena and then back across the bridge.
4. No obscene language permitted, keep the slogans clean.
5. This will be hilarious but will also make a point to the horrible officiating that we witnessed on Monday against the Maple leafs. Players will hear about this, refs will hear about this. Be part of Ducks history people!

Please respond asap!